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About me

Hey, I have to start with a little presentation right ?

Well first things first, my name is Gabriel Moors I'm born the 24th of March 1988. I really love movies, art, books and History, but my true passion is basketball since my childhood.

After I had my high school degree ("general – latin") and done a year of university (psycology). I did my Bachelor (BAC+3) in "Technique graphique" (Graphic – Web designer basically), that went really well without any failures.

Following my studies I had plenty of little jobs/missions, I feel now that I know the requirements of the professional world. So my goal now is to have a stable situation and bring what I can do to whom would get a chance on me.

My typical working process


What can I do ?

Web design

Logo & Branding

Print & Advertisement

Motion design & Postproduction

Video making



Photo manipulation

Microsoft Office Suite

Hey don't worry, I'm going to be a lot more specific in the following sections, I'm not getting to every point, but I'll touch on those who deserves more attention in my opinion.

Web design

From start to finish

Most of the time, I start to do wireframes, it helps with the general lay out and the structure of the future web site. When it's done, I begin to make the design on Adobe Photoshop and/or Fireworks, this is clearly my favorite part of the job, for the simple reason that's where you have the most freedom.

After the design is done, we need to "cut" it (numbers of small part of the layout). This is done to be able to code the design, I use Adobe Dreamweaver for this step, it is usually the one who give the most trouble, mainly because what you had in mind is not always possible to translate in the coding program, it's getting better and better, but there is still a lot of restrictions. Let's not forget that most of the time the site must be adapted for tablets, smart phones and of course a lot of different web browsers (Hello IE)

What I use:

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop / Fireworks
  • Adobe Dreamweaver
  • HTML, CSS coding

Logo & branding

the beginning of everything

After much thoughts and researches (True for every steps, but even more for this one), I usually start with some sketches, than try to translate those and add things in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Sound simple right? It is not.

Why is that ? Well, when you do a corporate id, logo etc for business or companies, you have to make sure to take a lot of time to find the right concept, the one who will fit perfectly. This part of the process is often underated. You would only know for sure that your logo is great for example if he last for years without any mofications

What I use

  • Pencil and paper
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop

Print & Advertisement

Nice office right ?

Similar to "logo & branding" without the sketching part. Still there are a lot of other things that can be said. For instance the print aspect alone has to capture a lot of attention.

There are really a lot of rules and little things that must be done to get a good print work. The reality of it, is that you must try and fail a lot of time, before really get where you want to be.

I've learn this the hard way: what you get on screen is rarely what you get on paper. But once you eventually get there, there is no better feeling, believe me!

What I use:

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Indesign
  • Adobe Photoshop

Motion design & Postproduction

Design on the move, got to love it

Motion design is totally different than postproduction, yet I have never done a motion design work without using at least some kind of postproduction.

Postproduction can basically be consider as an embellishment of an existing work, but is a lot of work within itself. It can be very subtle like a color correction or huge (green screen replacement for example). The variety of the work is what makes it so enjoyable, it's the final touch, yet without it everything would most of the time look dull.

It's a different story with motion design, the creation factor is more prominent, still, there is a common thread in the fact that the variety in it is almost infinite.

What I use:

  • Adobe After effect
  • Autodesk Maya
  • Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop


Let's talk business!

If you want to see more works (more detailed too), have explanations or whatever comes to your mind, just ask! I'm basically available 24/7.

So like I said previously, don't hesitate to contact me, I'll be more than happy to answer!

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